Women's Euro 22 Parking

View the fixtures and venues for the Women's Euro 22 tournament being held in England throughout July.

All kick-off times UK, CET is 1 hour ahead

Group stage

Wednesday 6 July
Group A: England vs Austria (20:00, Old Trafford)

Thursday 7 July
Group A: Norway vs Northern Ireland (20:00, Southampton)

Friday 8 July
Group B: Spain vs Finland (17:00, Milton Keynes)
Group B: Germany vs Denmark (20:00, Brentford)

Saturday 9 July
Group C: Portugal vs Switzerland (17:00, Wigan & Leigh)
Group C: Netherlands vs Sweden (20:00, Sheffield)

Sunday 10 July
Group D: Belgium vs Iceland (17:00, Manchester)
Group D: France vs Italy (20:00, Rotherham)

Monday 11 July
Group A: Austria vs Northern Ireland (17:00, Southampton)
Group A: England vs Norway (20:00, Brighton & Hove)

Tuesday 12 July
Group B: Denmark vs Finland (17:00, Milton Keynes)
Group B: Germany vs Spain (20:00, Brentford)

Wednesday 13 July
Group C: Sweden vs Switzerland (17:00, Sheffield)
Group C: Netherlands v Portugal (20:00, Wigan & Leigh)

Thursday 14 July
Group D: Italy vs Iceland (17:00, Manchester)
Group D: France vs Belgium (20:00, Rotherham)

Friday 15 July
Group A: Northern Ireland vs England (20:00, Southampton)
Group A: Austria vs Norway (20:00, Brighton & Hove)

Saturday 16 July
Group B: Finland vs Germany (20:00, Milton Keynes)
Group B: Denmark vs Spain (20:00, Brentford)

Sunday 17 July
Group C: Switzerland vs Netherlands (17:00, Sheffield)
Group C: Sweden vs Portugal (17:00, Wigan & Leigh)

Monday 18 July
Group D: Iceland vs France (20:00, Rotherham)
Group D: Italy vs Belgium (20:00, Manchester)

Knockout phase


Wednesday 20 July
QF1: Winners Group A vs Runners-up Group B (20:00, Brighton & Hove)

Thursday 21 July
QF2: Winners Group B vs Runners-up Group A (20:00, Brentford)

Friday 22 July
QF3: Winners Group C vs Runners-up Group D (20:00, Wigan & Leigh)

Saturday 23 July
QF4: Winners Group D vs Runners-up Group C (20:00, Rotherham)


Tuesday 26 July
SF1: Winners QF1 vs Winners QF3 (20:00, Sheffield)

Wednesday 27 July
SF2: Winners QF2 vs Winners QF4 (20:00, Milton Keynes)


Sunday 31 July
Winners SF1 vs Winners SF2 (17:00, Wembley)

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