Getting to the Football

Help the environment - use public transport

We know it may not always be possible to take public transport but we always suggest driving as the last resort when it comes to getting to matches. Below are some of our partners who offer reduced tickets for travel to matches.

Train travel
TransPennine Express - Here you can find discounted train travel on any journey in the UK. Remember to book in advance to get the best rates!

Bus travel
Always check MegaBus and National Express for travel to matches by coach and also check the clubs own arrangements for supporter travel.

Ride sharing
If there are no other options then please try to ride share if you can. You could all club together and reduce the fuel costs!

Safety Tips

If you are parking on public streets please be aware of the safety of your vehicle. DO NOT LEAVE ANY VALUABLES IN YOUR VEHICLE - unfortunately large events can attract crime, especially if vehicles are left on quiet roads with very little traffic. You can reduce the risk by simply having nothing on display in your vehicle. Also if possible install security within your vehicle like a good alarm or immobiliser.

If parking in a residential area be aware that some residents may take exception to their roads being full on match-days. Do not block driveways, do not park across from someones drive-way and try to park as close to the curb as possible. Also leave enough room to other vehicles so residents can use their vehicles as if it were any other day of the week.

Always check signage - restrictions on parking is always changing around stadiums and new parking restrictions pop up on a game by game basis. Watch for signs stating "permits only beyond this point" and if a road seems very quiet parked car wise then that probably means there's some kind of restriction in place. We always recommend using car parks if you can to reduce the risk of any issues.

Long Journeys

Some journeys can be extremely long - like Carlisle vs Exeter for example! Sometimes a hotel is the best option and our affiliate offer some great rates. You can search for hotels with parking that are near the stadium and kill two birds with one stone!

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